1. How do I book and do you have an App?
2. How much does it cost?
3. How do the timings work?
4. Is there a car park?
5. How do the access gates work?
6. What fencing do you have?
7. Is there a pathway?
8. Do you have any shelters?
9. Is there a dog shower?
10. Do you have cold drinking water?
11. Do you have a dog friendly pond?
12. My dog(s) is not wormed or vaccinated, can we still come?
13. Can I bring my dog if it has an illness?
14. Are children allowed?
15. Can I bring a picnic?
16. Can I take photographs?
17. Can we use dog toys?
18. Do we take our dog poo home?
19. Can my dog(s) dig in the dog park?
20. Can I Smoke?
21. Can I cancel?
22. Who can I contact if I need to?
23. Disclaimer
24. What is your Privacy Policy?
25. What are your Terms & Conditions?
26. In case of emergency what is your location?
27. How does your Loyalty Scheme work?
28. Do you have a toilet?
29. Reactive Dogs (are welcome)
30. XL Bully Dogs – can they visit Paws4Play?
31. Do you have CCTV?